Friday, April 22, 2011

Miss Me?

So where has all the time gone since I was in here last? I have no idea! But in the mean time I have had 2 more grandbabies and life is good! In June I have a trip planned to Anchorage Alaska. This is to celebrate my 30th anniversary with the man I married when I was just a kid! I am so looking forward to this trip but I have NEVER flown, so am just a little nervous! But my tickets are booked and I am not backing out now!
Over on The Quilt and Needle we are doing a row robin this time and my theme is going to be all about my 30th anniversary trip. In other words ALASKA! Of course I am a non-peeker so it will be a surprise when I get it home. My 2010 round robin is almost home. It is at it's last stop before reuniting with me! I LOVE surprises so I have always been a non-peeker and it is sooooo worth the wait to let it just be a surprise when it comes home! Row/Round robin, it doesn't matter. These are soooo much fun and I talked 2 new ladies into joining us this year! So far they are loving it! It is so awesome to get people from "across the pond" to help out on our projects. It really makes these thing SUPER special! Not that they aren't special being done by those friends here in the states, it's just a neat idea that these tops get to do more traveling than I do! lol
Well, that's all for now. As soon as I get time I will set down and add some new pictures to this blog. Thanks for staying with me. I'll try to do better.
P.S. Garage sale finds to come! You won't believe what I got yesterday for just a few bucks! Let's just say that the add in the paper said "Quilter's Delight"!!!


Scrapatches said...

Yes, I missed you! Good to see you posting, my friend. Your Alaska Row Robin is "just gawjus"! (so is your Round Robin) ... be strong ... no peeking .... ;)Pat

Northern Deb said...

OF COURSE we missed you!! Have a great time in Alaska. Al and I are celebrating 30 years at the end of May :)
So what did you find in the garage're keeping us in suspense! That's one of my favorite shopping places (that and resale shops).

Quilting Comfort said...

Yeah!!! Glad to see you posting again. Congrates on your upcoming anniversary. Few people make their 30th. What a blessing.