Friday, October 9, 2009

What happened to September?

Well all I can say is, It's been one heck of a busy month! Birthdays galore! Lots of things going on! And still my sewing room isn't finished! Close but no cigar! I have the ceiling done! I have the walls done! I have the base boards done! I have the light switches and plugs done! Still need the phone jack done! Still need YARD STICKS! I want to use them for the crown molding since it's a sewing room! Got my shelving units in but still have to get the new table finished! I did buy legs yesterday! Woo Hoo! Now if we could just have some SUN, I might be able to get the finish on it so we could move it in!

Ready to DROOL now?

I got my round robin back! Man oh man can you believe how beautiful it is! I love it sooo much! Everybody did a fabulous job, but the last border REALLY set it off! The ladies at the Quilt and Needle are so talented, it is unbelievable! I love this thing more every time I look at it! It's gonna get finished as a wall hanging so I can put it in my sewing room! That way I get to look at it ALOT! It will have to wait til after the first of the year though. Too much other stuff that I have to get done! One being: FINISH THAT SEWING ROOM!

And one more thing before I go... the new grandbaby has a name!
Drum roll please!.....................
Parkes Graham it is! Very adult name but, as Coby would say "Me thinks he will grow into it!" It took Coby quite some time to decide that this was an okay name! Every time you asked him what Aunt Karla and Uncle Scotty should name the baby, he woould say, "Coby!" We would ask him, "Coby Nathaniel?" and he would say, "No, just Coby" So anyway, we all like the name, including Coby!

Next time I post, there WILL be pictures of the FINISHED sewing room!